Working in factory

  My hands were black and my clothes was coloured with a white soft things and suddenly I was in a place that’s filled with cylinders of cotton and children not adults., the rows and rows of spinning machines were filled with hundreds of children bending over cylinders of cotton roving. Children never know why they are working here. In these kind of factories we had to work fast, so the frame in the spinning wheel weren’t stopped. But this was just normal life we had lived. We had to wake up at 5 Am and then work for 10 hours. Then this repeats everyday, every month, every year, and now I don’t feel like I have to work. Children have a right to learn, go to school. Yesterday night I heard that owners are going to lower the price.  I was woken up by the sound of strange sound like iron rubbing against iron. I never wanted to hear a sound like this but I can’t help it with this kind of problem, because I don’t have money, so I had to work in a factory to achieve my goal, my dream, my hope.


When I wake up in holidays it feels something different than normal. Everything feels new and fresh, I’m not only saying not going to the school. For me, the different things are the wake up time, bed time, and the things I usually do in normal days. In holidays, I can sleep late until when I feel this is enough, and I can have some free time. When I thought of this, I feel like I don’t do a lot of things than I think and it continually keeps you in not normal day,but when it’s over, something that just cross from my head is that “Holiday is too short”. I have tried a lot of things to spend holidays to not waste times and I have figured out that you just do things what you wants to do and also doing something that’s like studying or reading or something like this.



Until I finished with the frog, I never new we were going to put LED in so it was really surprising. The challenging things during making it, it was putting LED in the paper and connecting it to the battery because I wanted to paste it perfectly but it was not easy to do. The easy thing was folding the paper. I over comes challenges by trying many times.

Making pencil case

Today I finished making pencil case.

During making pencil case, it took maybe 4 days to finish.

During making it, the hard thing was stitching fabric by hand saw because when I use machine, it takes like less than 20 seconds but when I hand saw, I takes more than 10 minutes. And second thing is that when I went wrong way, it was hard to take the needle out on just right place.

The fun thing was to saw with machine with not spending so much time on the picking out the needle that went wrong. And making pencil case was really fun doing it.