Kek’s Hope | By Heejun


Kek is from Africa and he lives in a refugee camp with his mother, father, and brother. But suddenly there is an attack on the camp all of them died except for Kek and his mother, who is now missing. So, he is sent to a new place where he has never been before. Kek arrives in America for the first time in his life to live with his cousin, Ganwar and his aunt in Minnesota. I think the theme of the book is endurance, hard work and hope even in the toughest of the time. His love for his family makes him strong because in page 20 – 23,  he talks about his family and how he is strengthening his mind and not to ponder over his cousin’s disability and scars of the conflict.


He suffers in the beginning in  America for some time and then he finally get used to the place by trying to understand the environment that he never saw before in Africa. For example, on page 3, “ snow, it burns your skin!! This cold is like claws on my skin!!”. He was so scared and annoyed by the snow. But, he gradually adjusts to the new place. I think again this happened because of his belief in his family. He learns english in the school and makes new friend Henna. She takes him to the farm where he saw the cow for the first time when he arrived in America. There he meets the owner Lou, and he convince her to give him a job, which was to take care of the old cow. He named the cow “Gol” which means family in his language. Ganwar watches him adapt and change to the American lifestyle and he feels motivated by all of the hard works that Kek has made to adapt.


Kek blossoms in his new life, he becomes very close to the Gol and help Ganwar find work at the farm. When one day Henna takes him to a store, he cries as he has never see so much food in his life. Lou hurts herself and wants to sell the farm and Kek is worried about the Gol so he runs away with full of anger for Lou and decides to go back to Africa and look for his mother. On the way he see Gol and feels empathy.


In the book Kek has a cousin called Ganwar, he is the person who always tries his best in everything because he knows that the efforts that he put in pays back with something that benefits to him. Nonetheless, after her mom is missing, he feels that there is no needs for him to try and also he acts extremely hopeless to Kek, because until chapter “changes”, Ganwar thought that Kek will never do something that’s good which made Ganwar to not accept Kek doing something.


To conclude, the book Home of the Brave has moral that tells that it is really important to have hope to live strong, not fail and I think this was the author’s intent. In addition, it available only because of the Hope that Kek believes.


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