MYTH – The story of Hermes

The story of Hermes

The god Hermes was the Greek god of commerce, son of Zeus and Maia. He was also called as the god of trade, protector of travelers, thieves and athletes. 

  This time was at AncIent Greece. Ancient Greece people believed their is gods on mount Olympus. Some people’s was try to climb up to mount Olympus to meet goddess. Always at this time, Zeus, king of gods, send Hermes to tell them(people) to don’t come to Zeus. So Son of god of king went to people and told them He’s father’s message. “ listen humans. You can’t go to meet king of god. If you go there, maybe you can make Zeus enraged. So if you don’t want’s to die. Don’t go to god”. He finished his work like bird and he just flyed around the mount olympus and human world.
  Suddenly, he found Perseus. Which was another son of god Zeus’s son. Hermes gave him advice to kill Medusa, he said to him, “are you going to kill Medusa?” Hermes said. Then Perseus said “Yes”. So Hermes told to Perseus, you can go to the south witches , then you can have a advice to kill Medusa from witches. Hermes said. first time Perseus didn’t listen. So Hermes asked him agaIn. But he didn’t listen agaIn. So Hermes got angry. So he went to the Zeus tell him, to punish Perseus. 
  At this time Zeus thought very long time. Because Perseus didn’t do mistakes that much but Hermes Is very angry. Finally Zeus fInIsh his thinking, he gave hermes, his thunder to brIng down hermes’s anger. But after Zeus gave his, then Zeus got mad. So hermes thought to kill or brIng Zeus from king of gods.
   And hermes thought. “Should I kill the Zeus?, but he’s my father.” hermes thought a lots. FInlay he think to kill his father. Because when he gave hermes a Zeus’s thunder, but he has power yet. So hermes gave Zeus a sleepIng pills In wIne. Because hermes can’t kill his father. So he thought to make Zeus sleep forever. So Zeus has sleep forever. But Hermes was despondent. Hermes became a king of gods and hermes said to Perseus. “I want to fIght wIth you. If you win. Then I wIll gIve you a power of Zeus. 
  But you lose, then you wIll go to god of underworld, hades. Are you agree wIth that?” “okay, sure”. Perseus said. The fIght between hermes and perse made divided the earth and made the sky cloudy. In over 6 month of a fIght. So hermes thought “ If Dad was here. Then what changed?…” Hermes try to think like Zeus. ( exclaimed) But It’s couldn’t be.. So, he thought.” oh, I need my father.”. 
  Now he maked Zeus waked up and gave him his power agaIn. And hermes thought Zeus wIll punish him and get angry to him, but Zeus didn’t. So hermes asked “ why don’t you punish me?”. “ because I felt I didn’t think your mind. So even I did wrong to you, and also you did It wrong to me too. That’s why I didn’t punish you..” hermes hear what Zeus says and he got tear on his eye. Zeus slowly get closer to him and said “It’s okay. Sometimes also gods makes mistakes. So It’s okay. 
After 5 years later, olympus had been changed. Because Zeus said, can two of you gye’s be a friend? So they reconcIled and became a brother. And after, the Olympus was peaceful.  

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